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We can supply you with Parts and Accessories, regardless of the brand of your garage door or opener

There are some parts of your garage door system that you can change yourself. But, to avoid any accidental injury, for several parts like springs, we strongly recommend it to be done by an experienced garage door technician.

Replacement parts are available for your garage door system, as are accessories to enhance it's look.

The services we offer:

Replace broken garage door springs

Broken garage door springs are very common. Extreme weather changes and usual wear and tear can damage garage door springs. Until it is repaired, a garage door should not be opened as it will be very heavy. Our team of experienced service technicians will replace your broken springs and will ensure that your garage door will be operational again correctly.

Replace broken cables

Garage door cable seems small but they’re an essential safety mechanism. If your garage door doesn’t work correctly, it might be because you have a broken cable. Be cautious, it could be dangerous to repair a broken cable yourself because the cables are under extreme tension. We recommend you call a local specialized repairman for your own safety.

Replace damaged panels

A garage door panel could be replaced anytime but it also can be a challenge. Are you better to replace the entire door or just a panel? Let a professional evaluate the panel damage and give you the best advice to meet your needs.

Replace rollers

A malfunctioning noisy garage door may be due to bent or broken rollers. To have a smooth, quiet garage door operation, we recommend to change worn rollers and hinges. Put this task into our technician hands and the problem will be quickly solved.

Weatherstripping Replacement

Having good weatherstripping can help you save on your energy bill and keep the cold outside your garage. It’s also used to prevent debris, animals and insects from getting inside your garage. If you’re looking to replace your weatherstripping, our specialists can help you.

Fix a garage door off its track

A garage door off its track is a common garage door issue. If this happens, stop operating it immediately. If you don’t, your door can be seriously damaged. The springs are under tension, so don’t take a risk. Let a professional take care of it.

Garage door parts

We have all that you need to fix your garage door: bearings, bearing plates, boards, bottom fixtures, bumpers, cables, couplings, drums, gears, hinges, keypads, locks, photo eyes, remotes, rollers, seals, sections, shafts, slats, springs, struts, tracks, trolleys, etc. Contact us.

Your safety has no price

Both your garage door and opener need to be checked regularly to ensure that they continue to operate safely and efficiently. A garage door has many dangerous parts. To avoid injury, we recommend you contact a company specializing in the repair of garage doors to regularly service your equipment. All of our technicians are well trained, insured and come to your home fully equipped to provide unparalleled service.

Read what other customers say about us

Brad S

12 May 2020 , Brad S (Grand Rapids, )

Proactive design and budgetary suggestions up front along with timely and quality work in the end. They do what they say they're going to do and the results are great!

Installed product:

Standard+ Garage Door

Opener installation

19 September 2019 , Richard J (Marne, )

Openers were damaged by a storm and replacements were installed quickly and on time. Working great. Would highly recommend this company.

Great Service and Product

03 August 2019 , Mary D (Grand Rapids, )

We are very pleased with our new door and the professionalism and workmanship of the installers.
The website was helpful as well with detailed pictures of available styles and sizes of garage… Read more
We are very pleased with our new door and the professionalism and workmanship of the installers.
The website was helpful as well with detailed pictures of available styles and sizes of garage doors. We will recommend Environmental Door to anyone who asks.

Friendly, professional and knowledgeable

04 July 2019 , Michael L (Grand Rapids , )

We were very pleased of all phases of our dealing with Environmental Door. Everyone we dealt with was knowledgeable, very friendly and professional.

Very pleased!

07 June 2019 , Tricia A (Grand Rapids, )

Environmental Door is a local company in my neighborhood that I trusted. They did a wonderful job.

Wonderful, professional service!

28 May 2019 , Jim/Mary S (Comstock Park, )

As a repeat customer, I just can’t say enough good things about Environmental Door. Professional, fast, friendly service! Great product! Thanks!!

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