What Makes Repainting a Garage Door Worthwhile?

Old garage doors

So, your garage door is getting a bit older, but it still works great. It may be made of metal or even wood, but you’re wondering whether the effort and time that you would put into repainting it is worth it. Maybe you are considering whether an all new system is a better idea.

We have some great points that will help you decide the right option for your needs.

First, think about how old your garage door is…

It doesn’t matter what your door is made of and the appearance isn’t the most important thing. What is crucial is being sure that your garage door is safe for you and the rest of your family. If your door is metal, it’s usually steel and may be insulated or not. However, you could have a wood door that is fading a bit. The door isn’t the most important thing, what is behind it is.

If you haven’t updated the hardware system in as long as you have had the door, that might be a bad thing. You should look to see if you have any rusted parts that you can see. If you notice there are a few, especially if they are at the bottom part of the door, you may need to completely swap out your garage door system.

For those who have wood doors, you should know that it is normal for the door to be heavier than it was when it was installed because it absorbs moisture. If you have a sandwich door, which means you have two outer wood surfaces, the inside is likely made up of mineral wood insulation or polystyrene paneling. Both will absorb water, but the former will do so to a much higher degree.

However, if the wood door is solid wood or covered in solid wood, the wood is required to have some amount of moisture or it could split. This applies even if you varnished the door. The wood needs to breathe to avoid deteriorating.

Next, think about how much time the process will take…

It’s fairly simple to repaint a garage door, but it is going to be a bit time‑consuming. Part of that will involve making sure the color of paint matches the original color or at least the color of your home so it is aesthetically appealing to visitors.

Beyond that, you want to be sure you have the time allotted to do things right and that the weather is going to cooperate with you. A bad paint job can seem worse than not painting the door at all. Make sure you have plenty of time for drying planned out depending on the type and quality of your pain, the temperature, and the humidity level. You should also wait until the weather is ideal to start. You want it to be dry and roughly between 60F and 75F (15C and 25C). If it’s raining or the sun is glaring down, that’s not the best time. In addition, if you’re swapping colors or you see rust on your metal door, you’ll need to do some extra preparation and apply some primer for the best results. This will help the paint stick to the garage door.

If you don’t have a ton of time, your garage door is metal, and there are no repairs needed, such as dents, you can hire a painter who specializes in home exteriors to handle the job for you.

I think I understand now… But how much would a brand new door run me?

You might be surprised to find out that a single door for a garage you use to park your vehicle will usually cost around $1000. However, if your garage door opener is still in good shape and works fine, that can be reused with a new door and save you some money on the project.

Final steps…

Would you like more information? Then go ahead and contact us. We are garage door professionals who understand door systems inside and out. We will be able to give you advice and explain the best choice to make based on your exact needs, all the while respecting your budget. If needed, we can easily send you a quotation by email.

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