December 4, 2015
Does your garage floor have a tendency to get messy during the winter months? Are you searching for tips and tricks to keep it clean and dry? If so, this information is definitely something to keep in mind.
November 13, 2015
The garage is often one of the most overlooked areas of the house because it’s considered to be a simple storage space for the car. Another typical use for the garage is an impromptu storage area to throw things that don’t fit inside the home.
October 30, 2015
Who wants an extra 600 square feet of living space? While game rooms, media centers, home offices, gyms, and “man caves” are typical renovations, creating either a master suite, kids room, or spare bedroom out of your two-car garage is an effective and affordable way to ensure “sweet dreams” for your family or guests. By utilizing existing structures, the foundation, the walls, and the roof, you can cut some of your major renovation costs, with many conversions costing about half of a full renovation.
October 16, 2015
Is it possible to make the garage taller? The short answer is yes, and it’s accomplished by raising the roof. Find out how to do it, and whether it’s worth the effort.
September 25, 2015
So you’ve taken the clutter out of the garage… now what to do with the clutter in the garage? Most of the time, these items are clothing that are not used throughout the year. Just shoving them into boxes and stacking them in the attic or in the garage will not protect them as well as you think. There are a few things that need to be done to preserve your clothing for the next time you need them.
September 11, 2015
Many homeowners are finding that their garages and driveway spaces are becoming cramped due to the need to store their multiple vehicles within the available space. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this common problem, and one of the leading solutions available on the marketplace today are car lifts. In this article, we’ll go into more depth on the subject of car lifts and provide insights into their benefits and how to install a car lift within your garage.
August 28, 2015
Renovations are fun… until they’re not. Millions of people have successfully turned their garages into living spaces for either themselves, their family or tenants. It is a creative solution to a lack of additional space needed or desired.
August 14, 2015
Rewiring your home’s garage is either a choice or a necessity. Either way, unless you’re a certified electrician, this isn’t a task you can simply dive into. Perhaps you want more outlets in your garage, or want to add a clothes dryer or air compressor. Or, if your garage is old or has bad wiring, you may have to rewire it to protect your home and family.
July 31, 2015
You know what your garage looks like; it’s the room in your home that proves the statement “out of sight, out of mind”. Well, you know you should organize it, but perhaps you don’t know where to start!
July 17, 2015
You haven’t seen the floor of your garage since the day you moved in. It’s covered with bins, leftover renovation supplies, camping gear, gardening stuff, things you meant to give away, and that giant inflatable pool that you recall has a hole in it. But everyone uses their garage to store junk, right?

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