December 8, 2014

Anywhere, Anytime, Use Your Smartphone to Control and Monitor Your Garage Door!

Monitor and Control Your Garage Door from Your Smartphone

What if you could control your garage door just as easily from the far corners of the earth as you could from your own driveway? Does that sound crazy? It’s actually not. When you buy a new garage door from LiftMaster that’s outfitted with MyQ® technology, that crazy dream can actually be a reality. Picture yourself lounging on a beach in some tropical location, and opening the garage door so that delivery you weren’t home to receive can be stowed safely in your garage. How convenient is that?

You can also use your Android, Blackberry or Apple device to control your home’s lighting when you’re not around. To say the least, it adds a whole new dimension to home security.

It’s a Brave New World!

These days, we have apps for everything. Most of us would find it difficult managing the old‑fashioned way, and good apps make everything easier.

MyQ® isn’t just a good app – it’s a great one, thanks to the innovative developers at Chamberlain, the company that manufactures LiftMaster garage door openers. Once they’d perfected the app, they introduced it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2012, where it quickly garnered all manner of admirers. Show attendees marveled at how easy it was to control not just garage doors, but also home lighting and small appliances, from quite literally anywhere in the world.

So, how does it work? It’s actually not at all complicated. You just use the Ethernet cable (provided) and the power adapter (also provided) to gain safe, secure access to the Internet and download a gateway. Once you’ve done that, you register the gateway online and set about configuring your devices.

A Little Education

No, not for you – with this user friendly app, you won’t need much education. However, the gateway needs to “learn” your door opener. Some openers and those built after 1998, already have the technology built in, but if you’re in doubt, you can always get advice from your LiftMaster professional.

Now, the gateway needs the right app for your device. So go online and find the right one for your Blackberry, Apple (IOS) or Android (Google Play). Then, just use the “learn” feature, and add your door opener. You can do this with multiple doors, and you can even add other devices. It couldn’t be easier!

You’re All Set

Now, you’re able to open, close and monitor your garage door, your lighting and your appliances, no matter where you are. The gateway is in constant communication with your devices using radio waves.

So many problems are just going to slip away when you use the MyQ® app. You know how you get halfway across town and then ask yourself, “Did I close up the garage?” You don’t have to turn around and go home – you can get the answer to that question with the touch of a button on your phone. If you did leave the door open (although you know that the chances are pretty good you didn’t), you can close it in seconds and continue on your way. One less thing you’ll ever have to worry about.

Security and Convenience

What if someone else is opening your garage door? Perhaps you live alone, or other family members are out of town. You’re not home, so you know there’s no way your garage door should be open. You can actually configure the app to notify you, either by means of an alert on your smartphone or an email message, if anything changes with your garage door. It’s open and it shouldn’t be? You’ll know, and you can call the police to report a possible break‑in.

Are you expecting a package? You know that the delivery service isn’t going to come around at your convenience, so all you have to do is call them and ask to be contacted when they’re at your door. You can open up the garage door for the driver, and then close it after he or she leaves – all from anywhere at all in the entire world!

No Phone? No Problem!

Okay, let’s say that you forgot your smartphone at home. It’s not the end of the world. By going to the MyQ® web page, you can use all the features that you’d have been able to access your phone to control and monitor your garage door, your lighting, and your appliances.

More Info

This video will give you all the information you need about the benefits of the MyQ® app. We also offer other videos that provide information on customizing your alerts, and how the MyQ® app works with various types of smartphones.

For all your garage door needs contact us now. We serve Grand Rapids, Ottawa County and West Michigan areas.

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