May 25, 2018

10 of the most common questions about garage door openers

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have questions while in the process of the purchase of a garage door opener. We have compiled a list of short answers for these common questions. You may have another question, but this list will answer some of the most common questions asked of garage door specialists.

How many types of door openers are available on the market today?

For door openers which come with a trolley, you will find there are two different models to choose from. The first is a chain drive, which can come as a continuous chain or a combination of metal cable and chain. With this type of door, the version that is made of all chain is the higher quality.

The other model type is the belt drive. These use a rubber belt, reinforced with metal, to do their job. This is the quietest option and preferred if there is a living space located above the garage.

What types of motor sizes are there to choose from?

In North America, motors are available in ½ and ¾ horsepower. In Europe, motors provide 500‑or 700‑newtons of power, which corresponds to the‑½ and ¾‑horsepower motors. Make sure you are aware that a garage door which is balanced correctly should only weight about 10 pounds (4.5‑kilos). The electric door opener takes over the human strength for you by opening the door like you would with a single hand. However, a ¾‑horsepower opener can be set to lift up to 350‑pounds (160‑kilo). It can also push this amount of weight down.

What is the best location to purchase a door opener?

If you don’t use your garage door on a regular basis, less than once a day, you can acquire a door opener with a three-part trolley from any big box store or chain hardware store. This is not the most quality option but will work from a technical standpoint if your use is limited. For those who use their garage door on a regular basis, purchasing an opener with a one-piece trolley mechanism is the best option.

Garage door specialists will have installation and repair experience that makes them educated about many types and brands of door openers. If you seek a recommendation from them about your best option, you will be pointed in the right direction. In some cases, they can also provide you with special door openers that come already equipped with all the standard components that will match your specific needs.

Is installation of the product something I can do myself?

If you have some skill with basic tools and your installation isn’t unique, you can often install the device on your own. If you prefer to let someone else handle it or want the reassurance of having an expert install the opener, an experienced garage door technician can do the job. This person will also be sure that the automatic safety reversal system and other components are all working as they should be.

Is there a way to prevent someone from opening my garage door if I am on a trip?

Some control panels for garage door openers allow you to block the use of a remote control to open the door. You will still be able to use the control panel to open and close the door.

If you are planning to be gone for more than a few days, you can also choose to unplug the garage door opener while you are out of town. This is the most effective way to reassure yourself that nobody can make it into your garage. After you return home, you will only need to reprogram the remote, which takes only a few minutes.

There was a power outage, how can I reprogram my door opener remote?

Depending on the remote you have purchased, it can simple and straightforward to reprogram it. You’ll want to get a ladder and use it climb up by the opener housing. On the back of the device you will find proper instructions for the model you own.

My door no longer goes all the way down. Instead, it reverses and comes back up. Why is this happening?

Assuming your garage door opener was bought since 1993, it will have dual automatic reversal systems. One of them is a photocell system while the other is mechanical. The former is installed on each side of your garage door, six inches or so from the floor of the garage. If your door is no longer going all the way down, the beam is likely no longer aligned. Realigning it will make your garage door opener work again.

Are there backup batteries that can be used?

Certain door openers, such as the 8550W‑model from LiftMaster, come with backup batteries installed. This battery will offer you a way to operate your garage door for 20 hours of operation if there is a major power outage that sticks around.

What does the MyQTM application allow me to do?

Internet apps are everywhere in modern society. As time goes on, they are becoming integrated into our homes, which includes the garage doors. MyQ works over a Wi‑Fi network and helps by allowing you to close or open your garage door, no matter where you are. The app works on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

What can I expect an average garage door opener to be priced at?

The price of your door opener will vary depending on the brand and model that you choose. A ½-HP, belt-drive, high-quality model may cost anywhere from‑$300 to‑$400, excluding the price of installation. Installation itself may cost around $100‑provided the installation is done when your new garage door is installed.

Do you have another question that isn’t listed here?

You can contact us at 616-453-0164 at any time. Our company serves the area and always provide our customers with our best work. We’d be happy to provide you with a quotation by email.

If you prefer, you can also visit us at our showroom and see what we have to offer. We also have a Design Centre to help you select the door that best suits your home. Also, take a look at our image gallery to get ideas and inspiration.

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