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    At Environmental Door, we offer a number of products and services to help you get the most value, functionality, and flexibility with your residential, commercial, or industrial door system. From residential garage door screens to commercial safety equipment, please contact us and we’ll help you get what you need!

    We are proud to work with top suppliers from across the country to ensure that you choose from the very best when it comes to the door systems for your Grand Rapids home.

    Breezy Living Screens

    We can turn your garage into a summer living space with a retractable garage door screen that fits over your existing garage door.


    Vinyl Strip Doors

    Professionally installed vinyl strip doors can keep the climate of your commercial or industrial space in control without impeding the busy workday.


    Breezy Living logo

    Breezy Living

      Continental Plastic

    Continental Plastics

    Miller Safety Edges

    Protect your commercial doors from damage and save staff from injury with protective safety edges.


    Decorative Hardware

    Browse an extensive catalog of decorative hardware for your garage door. Contact us if you need help deciding on the best choices for your garage!


    Miller Edge logo

    Miller Edge

    Re-Source Industries Inc. logo

    Re-Source Industries Inc.

    Commercial Entry Doors

    If you’re thinking about upgrading your commercial garage doors, then entry doors might also be on your list of renovations!


    Steel and wood doors

    Along with Garaga’s collection of steel garage doors, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl doors are also available from Wayne Dalton.


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    Wayne Dalton Logo

    Wayne Dalton


    In addition to our Liftmaster commercial garage door openers, we also offer products from Genie.


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    Genie openers