The Garage Door of the Future

When people think of garages and garage doors, they rarely think about technology. Many people only care about whether the door opens or closes when you hit the button on the remote.

However, over the past decade or so, the pace of garage-door innovation has lead to a variety of excellent products that make the home more secure and functional while beautifying the garage.


Garage Doors Get Hacked

Over the past decade or so, pretty much every aspect of the homestead has been computerized. Garage doors were one of the first parts of the home to make use of digital wireless signals, allowing homeowners to open or close the carport without having to exit the vehicle.

Unfortunately, this not-so-modern convenience has a downfall. Security researcher Samy Kamkar discovered a way to hack into garage doors using a child’s text messaging toy. Wireless remote openers, especially decades-old models, use a fixed, two-digit code sent from an electronic fob to activate the lift. Samy rigged the toy to broadcast all possible two-digit codes, eventually stumbling upon the correct combination.

Manufacturers now use a rolling code system that changes the two-digit code every time the remote sends a signal, but Samy was able to use this hack in modern L.A. condo garages that supposedly use modern rolling code remote opening systems.

Smartphone Control

“There’s an app for that” now also include the realm of garage doors, which can be rigged to accept command from your smartphone. There’s a solid variety of apps, all boasting different features and abilities, as well as pros and cons, so it’s important to select the one that works best with your smartphone operating system and the automatic lift that you currently use.

Some of the apps work only with specific hardware and manufacturers, while others are designed to blend in with whatever system you already have in use. It doesn’t matter if you use Apple, Google, Microsoft or even Blackberry – you’ll be able to find one for the smartphone you currently own.

Eco-Friendly Doors

As big business continues to adjust to the benefits of sustainability, more and more garage door manufacturers trend towards offering eco-friendly options for consumers. Some doors are made from recycled materials, such as aluminum, while others feature newer materials such as PVC fiberglass that doesn’t rot when exposed to moisture and sun, significantly extending the lifespan of the door.

If you prefer the beauty of a wooden garage door, you may prefer to look at composite wood garage doors, which are another eco-friendly option to consider. Reclaimed lumber is another trend that promises to leap from the furniture world into the garage door industry. The beauty of reclaimed wood can surpass the aesthetic effect of a freshly cut wooden door.

Connect to the Internet

The internet of things now includes garage doors, which takes advantage of widespread connectivity to give homeowners a chance to perform a variety of functions anywhere they may have access to the internet.

Since garage door openers have essentially been a one-button affair since the advent of the remote opener, Wired writer John Brandon notes that if there’s “any hassle at all with a ‘smart’ garage door opener, people will balk.”

As a result, garage door opening systems connected to the internet go out of their way to feature hassle-free technology. Established protocols for controlling your home over the internet has resulted in a centralized approach that lets you control everything from a single hub.

Alternatively, you can choose a system that focuses strictly on the garage door itself. These solutions often have an automatic sensing system that opens the door as you roll up to the garage, completely automating the entire process. You can also receive alerts that tell you when someone is attempting to access your garage in an unauthorized manner.

Innovative Materials

Wood, aluminum and steel have been the standard materials for garage doors for decades. While these have produced quite a few doors that have looked great and lasted a long time, innovative materials have made their way into the industry, allowing for beautiful new designs while achieving the same long lasting reliability.

For example, some of the more cutting edge designs now involve doors that are comprised mostly of frosted glass, which allows a lot of natural light in. As a result of these stronger materials, homeowners can choose from a wider array of designs without sacrificing functionality.

Garage Door Version 2.0

If your garage door is around the same age as Justin Bieber, you’re missing out on a lot of new features and technology that creates a more secure, beautiful and elegant garage for your home.

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