Garage flooring options: What’s the best choice for me?

Garage flooring absolutely must be durable, it must be easy to clean and ideally have a good stain-resistance level. But when you’re choosing a new garage floor, you also need to take into account two other very important factors: Your budget and your personal tastes.
In this article, you’ll find information about the three most common garage flooring options, hopefully it will help you make an informed choice.
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How to Handle a Damaged Garage Door

We’ve all had those mornings…the alarm clock didn’t go off, the kids are late to school, your boss has already called wondering where you are, and you just wish you could start over before your first cup of coffee. And then, to add insult to injury, you back into the garage door on your way out. After banging your head into the steering wheel a few times for good measure, what can you do about the damaged garage door?
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Is leaving my pet in the garage while I’m away dangerous?

Don’t worry, leaving your pet in the garage while you’re away from the house can be completely safe. Just follow these simple tips and your pet will feel right at home.
We won’t cover the specifics of building anything to keep your pet safe in your garage, but we are going to suggest some measures you should take to make your garage a safe place for your furry friends.
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How to Properly Insulate Your Garage’s Knee Wall

They are also called a Cape Cod, a Bungalow, or a bonus room. Whatever you call it (we will go with knee wall here), it needs to be insulated to keep the heat.

A Visual Dictionary of Architecture writer, Francis D. K. Ching, defines a knee wall as “a short wall supporting rafters at some intermediate position along their length.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Garage Floor Clean During the Winter

Does your garage floor have a tendency to get messy during the winter months? Are you searching for tips and tricks to keep it clean and dry? If so, this information is definitely something to keep in mind.

There is no reason to let snow, salt and slush get you down. There are many things, most of them fairly simple, you can do to eradicate the mess. Here are five “cleaning garage floor” tips to get you started.
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Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome on our blog - Environmental Door
Hello and welcome to the first ever post on our company’s brand new blog! Everyone over here at Environmental Door Inc. is excited about the launch of this new feature and can’t wait to see where it goes in the future! Our goal is for it to become the one and only source you need for any and all information about garage doors and garage-related questions!
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