Do I need reinforcement struts on my garage door?

If you’ve heard people talking about reinforcement struts and are wondering if you need them, you’ve come to the right place.
Not everyone needs to use reinforcement struts to strengthen their garage door, in fact, they’re only used in certain situations.
1. To support your garage door when it’s in an open position
2. To reinforce your garage door if you live in an area prone to hurricanes and strong winds
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The pros and cons of a garage door with walk-through door

If you’re wondering whether investing in a garage door with an attached pedestrian door is worth it, you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, having a pedestrian door is definitely worthwhile for some layouts, for example when garages are located in the basement of a house, rendering regular steel access doors (36” X 78”) next to the garage door or on the side of the garage impossible. Read More

5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Get a New Garage Door

People often put off getting a new garage door. They may think: “as long as it opens and closes, upgrading to a new door is really not necessary.”
The most obvious reason to get a new garage door is that you should not wait until it stops working altogether. You do not want to end up in a situation where you need your car but you cannot get it out because the garage door will not open.
Yes, you certainly want to replace an aging garage door so that you can avoid this kind of emergency situation. Here are five other equally important reasons why you should consider upgrading your garage door right now.
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I’m thinking about buying a new garage door, what do I need to know?

Garage doors are indispensable pieces of equipment. They make up a large portion of your home’s façade and are the largest pieces of moving equipment in your home. You not only want your home to look nice, you also want to be proud of it, so you should be looking for a garage door that:

  • Boosts the appearance of your home;
  • Is efficient, works well and does not require a lot of maintenance;
  • Is durable.

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How to Handle a Damaged Garage Door

We’ve all had those mornings…the alarm clock didn’t go off, the kids are late to school, your boss has already called wondering where you are, and you just wish you could start over before your first cup of coffee. And then, to add insult to injury, you back into the garage door on your way out. After banging your head into the steering wheel a few times for good measure, what can you do about the damaged garage door?
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Upgrade your garage door and improve your curb appeal

Your garage door is probably one of the things you see most often in a week, you park right in front of it after all. But we bet you never pay any attention to it – garage doors are just not all that remarkable. But why shouldn’t they be? There are loads of different styles and colours out there, and by upgrading your garage door you can increase your curb appeal tenfold.
Garages can take up approximately 40% of your house’s façade, so why not use it to improve the overall look of your house? Here are some of our favourite examples:
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Is leaving my pet in the garage while I’m away dangerous?

Don’t worry, leaving your pet in the garage while you’re away from the house can be completely safe. Just follow these simple tips and your pet will feel right at home.
We won’t cover the specifics of building anything to keep your pet safe in your garage, but we are going to suggest some measures you should take to make your garage a safe place for your furry friends.
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Repairing a Broken Garage Door Spring Is a Dangerous Job!

Were you surprised by a loud bang from your garage? Was it similar to a firecracker or gunshot? After racing to see what made such a racket, you notice that the spring above your garage door is in two pieces. You assume it’s probably not too hard to repair, so you put it on your to-do list for the weekend.
But in reality, it’s dangerous to repair a broken garage door spring. It’s important to note, right from the beginning, that a garage door’s entire weight is passed onto its spring system. The weight can fluctuate between 125 and 300 lbs. (or 57 and 136 kg), which includes the weight of any windows. Here’s why it may not be a good idea to tackle this job yourself.
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What Level of R-Value Should My Garage Door Have?

The main purpose of your garage is to provide some degree of shelter for your vehicles. Most of us use it for extra storage space too. However, the majority of us also have other requirements for the ideal garage. We don’t want it letting out the heat we pay for during the winter. It’s also nice to know that your garage door is helping you be environmentally friendly too.
While there are many ways to measure whether or not you’re hitting these goals, an industry standard that is helpful for this reason is known as R-value. While most of you probably aren’t familiar with it, we can explain its importance quickly.
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